Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Carin's art

In art class the junior's had to do a social commentary project and my daughter chose anti-abortion.
It is a very powerfull piece.
She hopes to touch people's hearts and change their minds about abortion and the effects on the child.
She used paint, charcoal, wax and transfer.
Please click on the photo to see the details in the work.


Contrariwise said...

I agree with you. That IS a powerful piece and it really sends home a message.

Kathi said...

wow, that is a very powerful and intense piece.

ilsevanlingen said...

Yes Carin, it is SO wrong to kill the unborn babies. Well done for making such a powerful stand.

Shinade said...

Wow this is an awesome piece of work and yes very visually powerful!!

Anonymous said...

really sends out the message :) truly emotive and i like it, to me its beautiful


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