Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vader Claerhout

Vader Frans Claerhout is perhaps one of my favorite South African artists.

Frans Martin Claerhout was born 1919 in Belgium.
Residing in SA since 1946. Self-taught painter in oil as well as a variety of other media producing sculptures, murals, monotypes and linocuts. Has exhibited in Belgium, Canada, Germany, USA, UK, as well as throughout South Africa.
This extrodinary man is a Roman Catholic Priest who has had great success in the artistic field. He died on 4th July 2006.

Going to Church on Sunday
Girl with Flowers

1 comment:

squash said...

His work seems impressive.
Now what I wanted to say after visiting your blog...why would anyone want to make canes instead of your beauuuutiful work? Your ruffle beads are just magnificent. And you invented those, wow! Not to speak of all your other forms of polymeric expression.


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