Friday, August 29, 2008

I've been agonising over this first post for days. What will I write, will I be able to find the correct words in English(afrikaans is my mothertongue), will I be able to live up to the expectations I've imposed on myself?

I guess the best place to start is in the beginning.

My love affair with polymer clay started after we immigrated to the US and because I could not work I found myself with lots of time on my hands. I started with something I knew, metal and wire. The vessels I wove gave me immense satisfaction, but I was frustrated because I could not find the beads I wanted - they were never just right....nearly there, but not what I was looking for.

Then one day my daughter came home after an art class with little sculptures made with a product I did not know....polymer clay. I immediately saw the possibilities, ran to the stores to get clay and then to the library to find a book. Polymer The Chameleon Clay caught my eye and home we went. Needless to say....... I was hooked!

I started making beads and sold them on ebay....never got to incorporate them into the wire vessels.... perhaps one day.

My first canes were simple, but I found ways to manipulate them to my liking. These earrings were made with my very first beads I sold by Dana of Newmoondesign:

I never feel I have enough time to just play with clay, but some days I can just sit down and create to my heart's content. My work has evolved over the past few years and I find new ways to express myself through my work.

I hope you enjoy the work and ideas I share in the future here...... not just about myself, but also the work of lots and lots of other wonderfully talented artists.
Art is a shadow of what a person is thinking... a small glimpse of what they hold inside. Little secrets, regrets, joys... every line has its own meaning. Sarah, Los Cerros


Kathi said...

Mazel Tov on your blog opening! Your first post was wonderful. I will be adding your blog to my links cause your art is wonderful!


Mel said...

How absolutely FABULOUS to see you writing a blog.
It all looks great Christelle! I've added you to my Google Reader.

Margaret said...

Your work is exquisite and I've bookmarked your page to come back to! Your first post is just fine! don't stop now, though!

I do hope you get back to doing the wire art -- those look equally fantastic and combined with your lovely beads, will be collectors items!


Artisan Beaded & Wire Wrapped Jewelry said...

Welcome to the wild world of blogging. Gorgeous art. I can't wait to see what else you post about.

Karooart Designs said...

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Rogalaca said...

beautiful work

PurrPrints said...

These are just beautiful--and you express yourself very well--I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog develops :)

nanouapt said...

Oh yes !!! it's very, very beautiful !!!


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