Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The perfect teapot

"The discipline between form and function......" is what Antoinette Badenhorst is striving to perfect in the creation of her porcelain teapots.
Antoinette is a fellow South African that I got to know here in the US. I've never met her eye to eye, but the bond between us is unmistakable..... the love of creating something beautiful. Antoinette is light years ahead of me but she's always there to help, give advice and have long, relaxing chats on the phone with.
When I look at her work I always return to the teapots. Light as air, amazing artistry, perfect functionality.... a teapot to make teatime a dream time.

You can see more of Antoinette's beautiful work here:http://www.clayandcanvas.com/home.html


S. A. Hart said...

Gorgeous piece of art! I just wonder if it steeps tea properly?

Designing Hilary said...

Oh my ... exquisite! I checked out the site and bookmarked it. Thank you for sharing this!


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