Friday, September 5, 2008

In my studio

I am in sooooooo much trouble. We have an exhibition, Taste of Troy, in two weeks and I have nearly nothing to show and sell. So many times I've left a piece I have to make till the last minute. I ponder and dream and plan and....... till it takes shape and "happens". It takes it's own path, become it's own creation. I have a few sets of beads, the usual bracelets and a necklace or two, but on my worktable there are still these round makume gane disks. Like my daughter always say.... they will come to life. It better be in the next week:-)

I also have to cover the sugar spoons. They sold so well at the Festival of Nations and many people asked for more. Not my favourite thing to do (do not like covering stuff). I thought Donna Kato's big jellyrolls would work.... it just doesn't do it for me. Perhaps the black is to heavy. Will make another cane and see how it looks.


Mel said...

Christelle, that design on the spoon is wonderful...reminds me so much of our aboriginal dot paintings. Same kind of colours. And can't wait to see how those gorgeous discs 'come to life'!

About Robot Love said...

Those are gorgeous!!


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