Friday, September 19, 2008

In my studio

I had the perfect idea. The perfect pattern to make a beautiful cuff bracelet out of polymer clay and it all fell apart - at least the bracelet did.
Have you ever had that happen? You know precisely what you have to do, but the moment you start cutting away the layers it falls apart. The pattern that was in your minds eye just did not reflect on the clay.
The piece of clay was laying here for days and I walked past it, put it to one side and worked on something else, pulled it back again.... perhaps it's not that bad... perhaps I can make it work.
Then yesterday it happened. I suddenly saw the small little pieces in the pattern I could use and I loved it.... it was beautiful a necklace!


Kathi said...

eye see eyes in that necklace :D

Celia said...

Turned out very pretty!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

This was its purpose. Is this polymer? It is beautiful.

Karooart Designs said...

Thank you!
Yes it is polymer clay.


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