Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Texture paint

A little while ago I wrote about a texture painting class I did with Suzanne Alley.

Yesterday I finished my "paintings". It was such a enjoyable experience. I forgot about the world around me...everything that was unsettling my spirit just fell away and I was at peace while working.
Today I'm rejuvenated and can't wait to paint some more!

The 3 pieces separately

and all together:-)

I just need to do this some more..... the process flows in it's own way.... no planning, no patterns, no fuss....it just happens and become alive in it's own unique way.


Tabmade said...

I love those. :)

Karooart Designs said...

Thank you:-)

Anonymous said...

They are lovely! It's wonderful when you find a medium that gets you lost within it, rather than you getting lost in TV while you're doing it.

Ragtree said...

Wow! Beautiful!


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